Feel bad for my stepdaughter

She works for a care agency and has been instrumental in getting it to run smoothly which a carer who comes on Monday and Tuesday voluntarily said today. The owner of the company is one of those who has the money to set up such a company but is clueless when it comes to running it. Therefore she’s placed a load of the burden of doing so on my stepdaughter’s shoulders.
Recently the owner said she’s getting in a manager . My stepdaughter put her name forward and the owner said ‘no’ she’s getting someone in. That hurt my stepdaughter who was good enough to do so much because the owner is basically incompetent/lazy, but not good enough to officially be the manager.

I think it would hurt anyone who’s used and then not appreciated for their efforts. My stepdaughter is thinking of setting up on her own due to this massive snub and basically being used. She had not only worked overtime to keep the company afloat but had helped the owner a lot personally as the owner has MS.


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