Feel a bit like a loser

These last 6 months I have had a lot of psychosomatic stuff like ibs, aches and pains and similar. By this I mean I get kinda ‘phantom’ illnesses which pass pretty quick.

As a result of this I have cancelled some routine CPN appointments. The community mental health team is stretched as it is and they don’t need me wasting their time.

I worry I have a bad reputation with the team. My psychosis has been pretty stable but my anxiety has been pretty high. When anxious/stressed I avoid and isolate.

Just feel like I need to pull myself together. These physical symptoms always pass but I let them dominate me when I get them.

Thanks for reading


Don’t feel bad. i missed my appointments in all of Jan. It’s not good, but we all make mistakes.


You are not a loser. Might be worth explaining to your cpn reasons you haven’t kept your appointments even if it means talking over the phone. I really hope you feel like yourself soon.


I think I spend too much time in introspection. For me it isn’t healthy or productive.

I have got to stop living in my head and just start living


@anon80629714 is right, @anon94176359, you’re not a loser. In fact, that’s one thing I try to never think of anyone because that label has been directed at me. About being really introspective, join the club because with my temperament I have a restless mind myself. I would like to be more self disciplined so maybe that’s part of your concerns as well.


@anon94176359 I know this feeling. Trust me they don’t think you are wasting their time. But you do needs to explain what you are telling us here.


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