Feeding the dog

I had a nightmare again. I was feeding my dog small pices of glass. He ate them all. Then he got cuts inside. I woke up one hour ago and still feel very bad. I had to check my dog thoroghly when I woke up.

Sounds like a horrible dream.

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Sorry you have had this dream, I too have had dreams in which I would do things that I would not do in waking life.

I put it down to part OCD (intrusive thoughts) which I have anyway and part related to sleeping tablets. I don’t know if you take sleeping pills or not.

I was on sleeping pills for a long time and the doctor decide to reduce my dose to only a 2 week supply so I cut them in half! This was not a good idea as I would only sleep for a few hours and then found I would often have lucid dreams where I felt the voices were able to briefly hypnotise me in the way of the dream you described. Personally I gave up the sleeping pills I think the dose has to keep you asleep or there is no point in taking them, and perhaps they are not for long term use.

As for OCD you might have ‘pure o’ OCD: obsessions without compulsions intrusive thoughts such as like your dream, it does not mean you would do it in real life! In fact it probably means the opposite!

I think everyone has dreams like this.

I did not mean to imply that the poster has OCD, it is true everyone has intrusive thoughts and bad dreams. But someone with OCD will not realise this is normal and will worry excessively about having had such thoughts rather than just letting them come and go.

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I had OCD as a kid. Got better. But it’s lurking around the corner every day and tries to bite me.

Damn man I had a dream not long ago about eating glass myself

Was disturbing

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