Feedback Please - On New App Screen / Page Designs

Hi Everyone - here are some of the pages / screens from the new app we’re working on for the site. Please tell us what you like and dislike, or what you find confusing. All input very appreciated. Please be as specific as you can.

Not all images are “clickable” or “tappable” - but many are.

It will take a while to load on your phone - but should work well once it is. If something doesn’t respond to your tapping - that is to be expected, its not fully active (but many/most links are active).


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Just post your comments here.

I’m not sure how the reminders work but would like an option to add a reminder for working out / going to the gym or an option to type in an activity manually. And on the medication and vitamins reminder it says “from” but I believe it should say “form”. Will be interesting to see how all of this works, it looks pretty cool! I like the design with the circular buttons, it’s easy to understand and neat. The rectangular news bars are nice too, but I think they should be slightly longer to allow for more space for the heading and maybe also the first sentence(s). Not sure what the user pictures next to the thread titles mean exactly but I hope they will show both the opening poster and the last poster, since I find that information to be really handy when browsing threads. All in all I think it looks very cool.

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i think it looks great, good job and i’d love a proper appointment reminder if it has one

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I think it is wonderful. I really like the idea of having my appointments in my phone and I like that you have medication and vitamin reminders. This is really great work. It would make me use my phone more!

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If it were me I’d have ‘learn more’ in the side menu instead of in the round buttons. It would be less cluttered and more intuitive.


I couldn’t understand it. I didn’t get much response from clicking. I’ll leave it to those who have more computer savvy.

In the ‘reminders’ section there’s space for that, it’s at the bottom in the ‘activity reminders’.

I like the layout a lot. Everything seems well thought out and designed well! Can’t wait to see the completed project!

This will be a great app.

Personally, I especially like the buttons with easy to remember caption.

The others are also fine.

Just the appointment screen which is hard for me to differentiate each of the reminder. (It’s okay for normal users, but not suitable for the seriously disabled)

Good feedback, thanks.

Anyone else - please share what you like and don’t like. Or - any area you find confusing or hard to understand!


I like it! The fact you can set medication and appointment reminders is an awesome function! I also like that it said it is recovery centered. Keep working on it I’ll prob download the app when its out! Hope it’s free too!

Thanks. Yes - definitely free to use.

Did you find anything confusing in the interface? Anything that you didn’t understand?

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Great! The interface was fairly straight forward and I opened it on my chrome book laptop. I just wanted to add suggestion for a mood/tracker or blog/diary. Something you could jot personal notes to, like a day to day thought and mood tracker? They have a lot of those apps but none for schizophrenia.

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Yeah, I like it so far.
Good Job!

I’m confused. I hit the “Discussion Forum” and it takes me “Add Doctor Appointment.” Is that where it’s supposed to go?

Nope - I’ve just fixed it. Should take you to the forum. Thanks!

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I just doubled checked that bug and it happened again.

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Thanks - OK, NOW I think I’ve fixed it. Let me know if not…

I have a question for everyone.

What do you think you’d do in this app design (see link at top) if you want to see just the new replies, likes and pms ?

Please let me know what you would do , where you would click?