Feed an unloved cat for Christmas

I just put out bowl of dreamies cat biscuits, for all the cats that come into my garden, because their owners are too busy doing other things.

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Don’t be too sure their owners don’t care. I have 3 that like to go outside. One likes to con others into feeding him while he eats a ton at home. I’ve now warned everyone in the neighborhood about his lies.


Thats very sweet of you.

Infact a couple of years ago i had a 3 legged cat called Percy, i used to take around town on a leash.

Ive been putting off for ages - and bugger the cost, im gonna get a new cat in the new year. The mental health teams been saying i should get a lifelong kitty cat for ages too, cos they know i get lonely.

Love kitty cats :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


My cat is telling me that she hasn’t been fed enough and is therefore unloved. Not that she’ll actually eat any bacon if I give her a piece. She licks it in a couple of circles around her dish and then leaves it.


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