Fed up with people hating on meds. There is no price on sanity


I cant understand the zombie statements
It is at least equalized with schizophrenia being flat affect… fewer emotions and lack of motivation
Hate on something that gives you your life?
I dont get it
I have no sex drive
I am completely sedated and borderline obese because of increasrd appetite
Surely that does not make me who i am

However i think the associated depression is cured by antidepressants
That is one way of getting back to positivity


Can flat affect, emotions, and motivation increase like hallucinations increase/decrease. Because all those supposed sz symptoms were made worse for me due to increase meds. I think it works for you, but not me. I may not even have sz, my sz can be caused from 10yrs of meds


There is a price. I deal more with weight/ heart problems/ health problems due to meds then i do with this apparent sanity thing/ you only get one body which is the vehicle for the mind.


I have a love hate relationship with meds.


I shake my feet while I’m drifting off. That’s either akathisia or TD. I’m banking on it not getting any worse. Zyprexa gives me sanity but it gives me these movement issues, so there is a price. There are things that can be done for akathisia and TD and I’m definitely no med hater. I don’t do anything without a psychiatrist’s approval. So far the tradeoff is well worth it.


it includes it - the meds include these symptoms yes
it is frustrating
but meds do cause those things.
i feel less motivation on high dose meds (depot - like having an up and down cycle of 3 weeks)
i’m sedated unmotivated and sleep more the higher the dose
it’s not great but it means i am not homeless living in a forrest


I regard the med’s as a necessary evil. They greatly reduce physical vigor and stamina. They deaden creativity, which is a good outlet. And they make you feel like ■■■■. I’ve found a couple of med’s that I am grateful for, but I wish I didn’t have schizophrenia so I wouldn’t have to take them.


i mean that there is no price too high for sanity


The meds are not perfect. I have to take them and I do appreciate how well they work, but it does come at a price.

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There may also be Scientologists on the internet who knock meds as part of their religion.

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I know that my meds help me and they are extremely important. I think most of the reason why you think that is because nobody likes all the side effects they have. As much as I need mine, there are a lot of downsides to them as well.