Fed up talking about myself

i would rather talk about anything other than my problems

if i talked about my problems i will get depressed

what about you? you like to-

  • talk about my problems frequently
  • talk about my problems less frequently
  • never talk about your problems
  • just when it is appropriate
  • another option
  • dripping melted cheese
  • i dont care either way

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Not too many problems over here not to sound superior, perhaps it’s just the meds doing the work.


I know there are times I love leaving Sz behind… but I’m glad I found this place… it’s helped me a lot with coping tools… resources…education and getting my communication skills back.

But if you’d like to talk about cheese… I found a small batch cheese maker in Oregon State (rouge river) that makes some great blue cheese… Some of it is pretty gamey and blue and some of it is mild and not so blue.

How is it living in the land of Stilton?

I do talk a lot about my mental illness, but thats because my pdoc and therapist are stumped with my exact diagnosis - first its bipolar, then its schizoaffective, now they are saying that my paranoia is part of a personality issue etc…

I am so tired of this â– â– â– â– .

When the professionals are baffled with your diagnosis, it trickles down to the patient - being in diagnostic limbo is very frustrating to me - I have been consumed by it lately.

I do tend to talk a lot about it, because I demand concrete answers, but I dont know if this will ever happen.

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i really cant be bothered with thinking about my mental illness anymore, it just causes me grief,

i’d rather think about anything other than that.

i will just take my meds and plod along purposefully oblivious to it all, maybe it will just fade away and i wont be sick anymore, thats my agenda just now anyway and has been for a long time.