Fears of the end times

I fear that I’m starting to destabilize due to today’s events. This is the song I was listening to when I found out the news of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing:

I know it seems like a stupid thing but I’m absolutely floored to the point where I don’t understand how anyone can be okay with what’s happening. Whether you support the president or not there’s no way that a single person should have this much power over the supreme court. I know technically they have to be approved by the Senate but that means nothing if both the president and the Senate majority are the same party. I don’t know, just timing. Like why that song? I don’t know, is this delusion or just despair?

Why are you worried? There were democrat and republican senate majorities all throughout the US’ history. Do you think Trump is going to start a new war or something? He hasn’t started a single one in his term.

Trump doesn’t have to start a war for things to get bad. There are other ways for this to bite us in the ass. What happens if the court decides that it should be legal to discriminate against certain people, for instance? That’s a problem. A big one. And let’s not forget coronavirus, and now other diseases are popping up like EEE here in Michigan. The earth is reaching the point of irreparable damage from climate change while countries are relaxing climate restrictions. A lot of things happening right now are really bad. So no, maybe people aren’t murdering- oh wait, actually they are. This mess we’re in isn’t going to just fix itself.

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I am freaking out about this too, all us trans folks are horrified. Try to take each day as it comes. I’m not going to lie and say there’s no reason to worry, but no amount of worry will make you more prepared to face whatever happens.


I am very worried


The universe is doing alot of things right now. I’m scared the black hole is going to suck us in and turn us into dark matter.

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I am always sad to hear of someone’s passing and I respected her but I am a conservative not a liberal

It’s not the end of times.

People dwell on both sides of the road.

@roxanna - What black hole?

One of the ten million ■■■■■■■ holes.

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Honestly, this is on my mind all day long but I’ve been too scared to speak of it — im scared of new world order and an Iluminati type of government, practicing a eugenic society and forcing us to accept problems nobody wants …
I’m scared of them cutting off my benefits
I can see the world falling apart daily and I’m tired of feeling scared

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What a crap year. I can only try to be the best I can be in the face of all of this horror but that doesn’t feel like enough.


This is another one of my fears.

The Times Are Not Ending

Time is an Illusion

Birth . Rebirth . Life . & Death .

Nothing Dies

There is a Step . From One Stone . To The Next . In a Stream of Life


Either Way, Thus Virus Will Not Affect You, if Your Intentions Are in The Right Place

Sorry to Inform


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Just recently I’ve started to cancel out the worries in my life that I can’t do anything about, and this includes political and social issues. The only thing even remotely political I’ve thought about recently was whether or not to wear a mask. I decided I would wear one, which I’ve been doing for a few weeks now. But that is something that is in my control. I’m really happier now since I started to become less. . . opinionated. I don’t even know if I’ll vote this year since I just turned 18 on monday.

Some people want to be sober
Some people want more money
Some people want a job or spouse

I just want to feel like myself again before the Schizophrenia monster took me

I’m sick n tired


It says 25 deaths in 2019 (mostly white people) were by police officers against unarmed people. Mistaken deaths. It’s unfortunate, but there’s a legal system for this kind of thing. Not worth burning over $500 million dollars in random business (including black ones) in “protest” (that was just in Minneapolis.)

When it happens, just watch the body cam footage yourself. Don’t trust media bias.

The war on terror is winding down. Trump’s pulling troops out constantly. He didn’t start that war, either.

Who Started The War on Terror?.

Insignificant Molecules Murdering Innocent Individuals.

Thee End.


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Really guys, this thread was supposed to be about comforting @Sardonic’s fears, not airing your own political opinions. I will open this up in the morning if people can be SUPPORTIVE