Fear the walking dead

anybody besides me watch the series premiere last night? i thought it started really slow and the dialogue is corny but it had a cool ending.

They’re still making that show?

“fear the walking dead” is the new series and it takes place before the apocalypse that the “walking dead” is based on. like a prequel

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I’m interested in watching if you think it’s worth it. I’m making an effort to watch more TV and movies. Do you have any other recommendations?

Ah cool. That could be interesting.

Some day I’ll go back and watch the rest of the series.

I would give the pilot episode a shot and see if u like it. idk about u but i like basically anything that involves an apocalypse, thats why “Book of eli” is one of my favorite movies.

hmm id say Breaking Bad is about the most badass tv series ive watched. Battlestar Galactica is really good and modern and not nerdy at all.


the only TV show I’ve seen is LOST. i saw that from beginning to end and that was it. I gave up TV.

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Haha Lost got a little weird towards the end, i definitely got lost. <hehe

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I fell in love with the characters. really enjoyed it. I would watch it again. I really enjoy people with a lot of character/personality. It was portrayed beautifully in the show.

Hurley had a lot of character, he was my favorite. ill never forget the episode where he wins the lottery.

Sawyer changed and got some character as the show went on.

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Heroes(kind of like x-men) mutants with powers. I don’t know how it’d hold up to today’s standards. Super dramatic and full of cliff hangers, fun to binge watch.

Archer is an animated series, very funny.

Trying to think of things, but that’s all that is really coming to mind.