Fear of thinking

I have a fear that my thoughts like dying will come true because i thought it
Am going through a panic attack feeling like i’m going to die even though i don’t want this, just need to fall asleep and rest, hate the people in my body, They effect the way i feel

it is not true…you are safe.
this would be one of my worst recurring thoughts as well.
sorry you are hurting…hamster hug :hamster:
take care :alien:

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I had this in spades in '94 through '03.

I learned how to watch all the thoughts like they were in railroad cars passing at a crossing while I was sitting in the drivers’ seat of my car.

I also learned how to picture all the thoughts as leaves passing by on a stream while I sat on the bank watching them go by.

What I got from doing that was that thoughts are just thoughts. They come. And they go. And they have no intrinsic power of their own. Only what I give to them.

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I use to have thoughts like this too. I try logic to push the thoughts away.

I used to have magical thinking as a kid. When I drew something I had to finish the drawing because the pic would come alive then. I could not leave anything half done because it was like killing the character in the picture.

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I get this too re dying. I end up deflecting the thought by saying a silly,irrelevant phrase " The conservatives lost the election 6 goals to three" and repeating it several times.