Fear of remission

My clinical nurse was talking about how there is hope for me, I’ve made a lot of improvement with the medication and he says he is hoping that i will be in remission soon with the tweak of the medicine. I’m nervous about remission. What am i going to do? Also what if my medicaid or social security gets canceled, I don’t think i can handle a job just yet.

Remission is the best thing that can happen to you…i have been in remission for about 6 months and I feel great. I was in school while psychotic so remission just means class attendance, better grades and better social skills. I also got into powerlifting.

It will make you feel like you need an occupation though. I was content with doing nothing when I had symptoms but now I feel driven to accomplish things. It’s a good, alive feeling! Feels like being reborn!

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Don’t be afraid of remission. It’s a very positive state that we all hope to get to someday.

I think it’s important for you to continually communicate your symptoms and limitations with your nurse. As long as your medical records show your symptoms and functional limitations, your social security and Medicaid benefits will be renewed at their next scheduled review date.

I reiterate my symptoms to my doctor at every visit. And I make sure to tell him about all the help I need in my daily activities. I also ask him to perform a GAF (Global Assessment of Function) at least every 6 months. So social security will see a numeric value of my functional limitations at any given time.

So documentation is critical. Just be honest and specific in your communication with your nurse, and you’ll be fine!



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Remission doesn’t mean cured. Remission means functional and lucid. It’s a good place to be. Congratulations. We all deserve a rest from this circus. I hope you get to enjoy it.

They aren’t going to cut your benefits just because you can keep your pants on and not lick the walls. You’re still SZ. I would also do what Radmedtech says, tell people you still have symptoms.

I am happy you’re getting a breather from the worst of SZ. :smiley:


to be honest i am used to my mind going 145kmh , i don’t want to get in a mini and go 20kmh .
but not much chance of that as i don’t take meds and i have been doing this a long time .
take care

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Thanks, it’s a little bothersome since i don’t have much of a hobby to be honest besides reading about reptiles and amphibians and that isn’t going to get me anywhere. My partner wants me to get a hobby besides that to do during my remission.

remission would b great for me but it’s not gonna happen without some serious psychiatric and hypnotic intervention and that wont happen for a while yet so i’ll play the game and try all the meds i can inbetween now and then. no harm in elimination and it helps my case :smiley:

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I agree with Surprised. Remission may be characterized by having LESS symptoms, but it does not mean cured, we still have one of the most disabling disease in the world. Social Security might recognize that after years of having this disease it has affected your ability to work. Remission does not mean that all of a sudden you are perfectly normal and now you can function like schizophrenia never happened. Schizophrenia takes it’s toll. But also, as you may know, you can TRY working while still being able to keep your benefits. Don’t get me wrong, remission is fantastic, and you may function way better than before.


There are lots of jobs that are easy to manage without much thinking. I was a boss over 5 ppl before I got ill. Now I’m stuck doing mindless floor work. But that is okay for now. I would not manage as a boss. I feel a bit retarded and can’t do the same work anymore. A boss needs to use his/her head a lot.

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