Fear of pushing a button

I have this fear for some reason that pushing the engine starter button in my car will send someone to hell. I hope this is a delusion.

Because it’s so outlandish for the average person it’s a delusion.

It’s hard. It really is but your mind isn’t thinking straight. Take the meds they give you and it gets better for most.

Cars are the most boring bits of technology. You need to look after them but they are just mechanical contraptions …there’s no religious overtones to a hunk of metal.

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This is a delusion.

Its so odd that I hope you would understand that it is one, but even so its hard not to be captivated by the allure of a delusion.

No one is going to hell when you push your engine button. Its probably an idea of grandiose sorta feeling like you have a spiritual connection to the world and that an act you have is associated with some spiritual feeling of power.

Nothing of the sort is going on.

Its just a delusion.

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Yep. It’s a delusion.

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