Fear of hell

I’m scared I’m going to be afraid of dying and everything my entire life since my auditory hallucinations told me I’m going to hell. How do I finally accept it’s schizophrenia and not be afraid anymore?


I had such voices and dreams.
Sometimes seems like there is only thing thats certain.
I try to remember dreams, nightmares…

My delusions last years sometimes

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The best thing to do is realize it isn’t a real place so you can’t go there. It’s just a corruption of the word “Sheol” which means grave or literally a cold dark place. There is no burning eternal hell.


Huh. I didn’t know this. Cool info!

I can get a link, hold on.

Oh cool. Thanks.

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Thank you! They never taught this concept in Hebrew School.

I was always raised to believe there was no “hell”, but that there is a heaven, and we just wait around for the Messiah to come to get us. I guess Sheol is where we hang out while we’re waiting.

We’re straying too far into religion now. We can discuss the words and how they aren’t actually describing the traditional idea of hell. But this is an easy topic to get sidetracked into religion


Oh – oops! I totally forgot! So sorry. Definitely delete my post if necessary.

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Hell doesn’t exist.