Fear of Giants

Have you ever had a nightmare where you had to run from, or face giants? I’ve had quite a few dreams where I could see giants off in the distance destroying cities, and I had to figure out how to save everyone from them. I’ve also had the more terrifying dream where you’re on the 30th floor or something, and you watch the giant walk by, and turn and look directly at you, then rip the top off the building and try to grab you, followed by a scene of escaping an exploding/ hand smashed building as giant fingers come in to squish you.

Luckily, no matter how terrified I was in dreams like this, I could always remember how insanely amazing the visuals and concept ended up being, like when I had to go supersaijan to fight one off. Either way, just checking to see if I can post videos yet, this just came out, if you like Kong, or Godzilla.
(Update, still can’t post links, but, it looks amazing, find the trailer online) Godzilla VS Kong. Who you rooting for?

Kong. Gigantic apes are a constant theme throughout my life.


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