Fear of abandonment versus not giving much of a dam and enjoying the moment

I have fear of abandonment sometimes. It does interfere with my life sometimes.

How to change that to living in the moment and not giving a dam?



I think that’s a hard thing to change your personality like that but it will get a little better as you get older I think.


Who are you afraid will abandon you? Your parents?

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I get it with people sometimes.

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Nothing has really cured my fear of abandonment. At a certain point I just decided the risk of being abandonned again was worth the possible benefits of letting someone get close enough to have that power.


At this point, I know cognitively that Mr. Star won’t be leaving me. I still have the fear, but I have worked on ignoring it, or just reminding myself of all the times he didn’t leave me.


are you thinking about cheating?

love triangles happen all the time, especially when you’re young.

you should read Carson McCuellers.

No need to cheat with Mr. Star. For one, im asexual and not attracted to anyone else. For another, I’ve never met anyone as clearly perfect for me as he is. I would be pretty foolish to look elsewhere.

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