Fear he will hurt me

We going on holiday and I’m starting to fear he’s just like the rest of the idiots I met and might harm me

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Wtf? People hurt you?

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Physically or emotionally?

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I hope you back down from the holiday if you are afraid he might hurt you…take care of yourself.

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That’s the risk you take in virtually every relationship.

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I meant maybe he’s dangerous for me in an emotional sense.


Yeah, that’s what I meant. But just like in all friendships, romantic or platonic, be prepared to take the good with the bad. Every relationship is a risk but you can’t go in worrying about the bad stuff. Just enjoy the newness while you are getting to really know each other.



@anon80629714 well thank goodness !! why do you have trust issues with your man? has he done something to make you think he may hurt you emotionally?

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No but the last one hurt me he didn’t like me at all but was with me to us me for his entertainment gain.

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