FDA says no to CBD in supplements

FDA says no to CBD in supplements

In a recently updated communication on marijuana, the Food and Drug Administration has flatly stated that products based on cannabidiol (CBD), a non-narcotic fraction of Cannabis sativa, cannot be marketed as dietary supplements.

The reason? A pre-existing Investigational New Drug filing on the compound.


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Well it shouldn’t matter too much, you can still get CBD over the Internet with ease if you’re interested in its antipsychotic properties. The only difficulty is getting it in high enough concentration to make a difference.

If you live where it’s legal you can grow your own.

Just get a pure indica strain like a land race strain from around the kush valley and let it grow for 2-4 weeks past it’s harvest time .

You can deactivate the high by cooking it at a certain temperature.

According to the article GW pharmaceuticals are the ones who filed whatever it is that's blocking it being used as a supplement.

I wish I knew what that means if GW pharmaceuticals fail to come out with a CBD drug. Which they won't do anyway before 2017 at best.