FDA panel begins voting on Pfizer's Covid booster doses, rejecting shots for general public


I think here in the UK they’re giving it to all over 50’s and younger adults with underlying conditions

That includes Schizophrenia I think

Not sure I’ll get it, as the WHO says there is no value

Guess governments want to be safe and sure


That makes sense. The side effects would probably outweigh the effects for most at 3 doses. At least until some new and worse mutation comes along.

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I don’t know how,

But my mother, father and younger sister have all received the booster shot.

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My relatives got theirs to travel outside the country…they seemed fine. I dont know if my aunt did I dont know if she was going to travel, she got a rash and she never said if she knew it was linked but ended up in the hospital a few weeks after being vaccinated with the moderna vaccine.

I think its good the FDA is playing it safe while also offering it to the most vulnerable. I dont think the mandates were a good idea because of the huge public outcry and uproar and people fighting each other about it. My brother is not mandated to take it but he has said he would.

I am worried because my brother got the vaccine early if its wearing off for him, now he wont be able to get the booster if he wants to…and if he is able to get it…Im worried about the long-term effects…its not an easy answer either way…

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