FDA Grants Breakthrough Device Designation To VR Mental Illness Treatment

A British startup that uses virtual reality to help deliver cognitive behavior therapy has been granted a Breakthrough Device designation by the Food and Drug Administration for its treatment for schizophrenia and other serious mental illnesses, a process that will help expedite its ultimate approval if clinical trials pan out.


OMG, this would have been so much better than having to work from a higher level book with a legal pad and a pencil.

I watch virtual walks videos through various cities. They’re actual real footage rather than a simulation and I find them very calming, meditative and relaxing, and the relaxation effect kicks in after 30 mins of a virtual walk somewhere. They pull me out of my fantasy world and remind me that there’s a fantastic Real World out there. So instead of sitting alone in my room pining for the fjords I’m virtually out and about exploring the world and being around other people. I find them good anyhow.


Thought before reading: how stupid, I don’t want to be connected to VR. I want someone real to talk to me.

Thought after reading: maybe it is practical for this purpose. The MH system is overburdened, and there isn’t always someone available to hold your hand when going on a bus or so. I do hope there is still enough attention for real human contact. But this sounds like a great addition. I’d want to try it, if I had agoraphobia.

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VR Trips Help Treat Depression in the Elderly

4 minute clip.

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Avirtual walk around Oslo on a nice sunny day.

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or Chicago perhaps?

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