Fcuk cmht 1515161515

Hope a tornado wipes them out.

what happened? @Qwerty

Nothing. I just pray so hard the building gets hit with tornado

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my cpn was the best. he even said I can keep in touch although he is not my cpn anymore. I will let him know when I get a job heehee

i haven’t got that anymore lol

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That is not intional. I got evil dreams not to talk about.
Otherwise in the case i would have pushed the button.

My cpn is really nice. I see her Monday. I see her once a month. But she reminds me of my mother. She is a nag.

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No room for motherfckers. We are the cops. Freeze motherfcker.

Cops are just thugs in uniform.

I have a really low opinion of CHMRS staff. Every new staff member I meet I think “Ah this one might not be like the rest” but they always are the same. I feel like they do the minimum they can get away with. I never actually feel like they care about me or my life - they seem to think attending our meetings should be enough and I should be making progress because they work with me.

There’s weird feeling of wanting to trust, but then also feeling like I’m being led astray.


Maybe Cmht staff are also thugs in uniform.

They are just feelings. When your life is at stake someone don’t care about feelings.

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