Fb reconnected with the one that got away

So I scared her off 20 years ago with sz and have missed her as a nut would. She responded to my fb request and chatted. … not a very deep conversation and I’m not expecting anything more than the occasional hi. But I lose my bean a bit about this girl…she’s married with three kids and I ain’t lookin to be a jerk. I’m just glad she doesn’t hate me anymore


Probably a mistake to do that. I have issues with the one that got away as well. She too is married with kids.

There are a couple of girls I’m glad I got away from. We just didn’t relate to each other as deeply as I wished. Their whole existence was the mundane, ordinary problems of life, which I realize are important, but there needs to be some poetry and ideas in their heads too.

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What’s a mistake? Nothing bad has happened. I did no wrong. There are so many nay say opinions about dreams of deep meaning.

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I mean to say it’s probably better to figure out how to move on. Just my opinion as I have a similar situation. I haven’t made contact with them for years now.

I have moved on. I’m not asking her out. … probably stupid to post my thoughts here for everyone to judge.

So anyway, when are we getting a new Scotty cartoon! :sunny:


I’m doing online lessons for the anime software. … I’m thinking a full music video will be in about a month… I’ll likely share my progress soon tho :smile:

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Thanks for inquiring :smile:

I got insomnia about chatting with her apparently tho… I like being crazy at times at times I hate it.

This is one of the reasons i don’t have Fb. There are some things I’m better off not knowing, and with my ocd sometimes it can be hard to stop. So for me it’s better not to start.

What do you mean? Better off not knowing what?

I relate to this @crimby I don’t expect I’ll even like her at this point but I’ll try to be a friend from a distance

All the details of their lives on Fb, it would probably just upset me and stir up old memories that I try not to think about and I want to forget about.

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More power to you. I have cut all my exes out of my life entirely, or else I can’t move on and be open for better things. I’m not good at keeping my emotions in check. I used to stay connected to them and always leave the possibility open, but when I met my fiancé, I decided that had to stop. I still have very strong feelings for a couple of them, so I keep my distance.

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I regard the distance as a necessity for emotional health like you all are saying… I’ll just be happy for her to see me as a human being for a brief time… she was such a saint and I was a satanic nut… I kinda think I need this door to be open a bit to offer a Ghandi quote meme or silly fb shiz so she can not think I’m a psycho like she used to… it really hurt. And this perhaps brief reconnection is goodness

I had a friend when I was first getting sick I said some rude things to her, well since I got on facebook I reconnected with her found out she is married with three kids which I 'm happy about. I never saw her more than a friend to make that clear. But I did miss her she was a great friend to have around. First I told her I was gay then I told her I was mentally ill. The mentally ill thing surprised her, I guess but she seemed to understand.

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That’s a nice reflection. :smile: I also feel happy and peaceful about her path

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