Favourite perfumes?

I want to buy a new perfume. My current favourites are black xs for women and lady million.

But I want something new, any recommendations?

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My signature loved one has been for years… Coolwater Davidoff/ I started wearing that since I was 18/

Then I tried a bunch.

Right now I am using Escada - born in paradise. The cherry is good too. It was a sweet distinctive smell.

On regular days I only use a body splash spray. I also put it on my hair.

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My cousin loves coolwater! It’s so fresh smelling :blush:

I got my mum Marc jacobs honey for her birthday, which is so lush Aswell.

I want to try Creed but it’s so expensive.

For my everyday I use a Victoria’s Secret body spray, think it’s ocean fresh or something like that.

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Kenzo or Gucci bamboo

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I got given Gucci bamboo as a present and it’s nearly all gone, I’d like to try something new so kenzo could be a good shout :slight_smile: thanks girls.

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White diamonds.


I would make a recommendation,

But I’ve been informed, by different parties,

That I like “old lady” perfume.

I’m still a little sore about it.

Haha don’t worry when I was wearing angel by Thierry mugler I got told I smelt like a boy :joy:

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Happy by Clinique
Tresor by Lancôme