Favourite distortion pedal?

I was just looking for ideas for my next one, as I have been stuck for a while now on what pedal to try next. This is myne, it is kind of cheating as it is a fuzz pedal, but this thing sounds crazy. The op amp big muff.


man, I love pedals when I had an electric guitar but damned if I can remember any of them…musician’s friend dot com sells pedals if you want to peruse them over on that site…

I rely on amps to have preset effects whenever I do go electric on my acoustic guitar…

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Maybe you can try to buy a wah or an envelope filter. I love that kind of sound.

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I already have a wah pedal.

Big muff is a classic.
I play bass more than guitar. I have a dark glass duality that is pretty fun but thats more of a fuzz pedal
This is a video of my distortion pedal. Played with the guy who does the video too :slight_smile:

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