Favourite anime?

What anime is your favourite?

Mine has to be… Dragonball Z id say but I like many others including Naruto, Death Note, Bleach, Saint Seiya, Yugioh, Vanguard cardfight, D grayman, and way more

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I bet you’re a brony ew

Moribito - Guardian of the Spirit, had great lucid dreams because of that anime, really stuck with me.


my favorite anime is spongebob squarepants; even though I rarely watch tv anymore, my brother’s references still make me laugh.

I really liked DeathNote. I wasn’t able to finish the series tho. Maybe I’ll do that soon.

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Cowboy Bebop’s my favorite. I also like Samurai Champloo, The Boondocks, and Wolf’s Rain.

Code Geass
liked Naruto too though

Dragon Ball Z. I watched Naruto for some time but I stopped. I think it’s cool as well.

Death Note and .hack//SIGN. Liminality was good too, and DBZ back in the day. Sword Art Online was good up until the Alfheim crap. Haven’t even finished watching SAO2 yet.

I used to post on gaiaonline before I became sz? But never really into anime but when I was a teenager I enjoyed that site. Thinking back it was dumb. …

Gaia Online was my ■■■■ back in the day lol

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I just started watching DB Super like last week, other than that I don’t really watch anime anymore.

I do read a couple of mangas though.

Psycho-pass is my favorite now

I like a lot of them though. Berserk is up there as one of my top favorites.

Psych pass is basically criminal psychology, and berserk is basically Shakespearean psychopathology lessons

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Death Note. I cosplayed as two characters from that series. I also really like this anime called Another

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Have you heard about the new live-action movie? Death Note, 2017

I’m actually not thrilled for t. I don’t like live action versions of anime. Part of why I like anime is the art style

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InuYasha and SlamDunk

Spirited Away for movies. As for series I could watch Samurai Champloo over and over. Naruto is goods too.

Only anime I like is Starzinger, and that is probably due to the fact that I watched it religiously as a kid.

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As a kid my imagination was like TV is heaven so I absolutely loved all anime now only InuYasha and SlamDunk.