Favorite type of Pancakes

Since the lounge section is down, but I’m about to get chocolate chip pancakes. Whats everyones favorite type of pancake/waffle. Mine are chocolate chip or bacon pancakes.

Cornmeal pancakes are good.


Scotch pancakes with butter

Same, scotch pancakes with butter :smile:

What are scotch pancakes?

Very nice sweet pancakes made with syrup you can toast them and then butter yum

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I’m so hungry now. :crying_cat_face:


Pancake batter. Every time at least half of the mixture disappears into my mouth before it even gets on the griddle.

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I made red and green pancakes with food coloring before.

I think pancakes are grossa :icecream:

Pancakes covered in strawberries and whipped cream!

I like golden brown buttermilk pancakes with peanut butter, syrup and powder sugar sprinkled on top.

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Pumpkin pancakes or cardamom pancakes are the very best.

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Cinnamon raisin pancakes!

me too. :wink:
dark sith runs to fridge…
" aaarrhhhhh, there is nothing to eat !?! " :scream:
take care :alien:


There are two I love… Blueberry pancakes… and gingerbread pancakes.


We always have Krusteaz pancake mix to make pancakes. down to jelly to put on them just a tad of syrup left. I need to go to the store.

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