Favorite summer activities (thinking ahead)

well now that im an adult im struggling to think of things to do in the summer. in the past til my mid 20’s i would play lots of pickup basketball when i was unemployed.

now i think my favorite summer activity is sitting down and watching a baseball game at night, with a good play by play tandem, i like the broadcasts where you can hear the crowd in the background.

also i like a good bbq, will have to find some vegetarian recipes for the grill this year.

and then just being outside in the warmth or taking a walk is also good.

sadly probably no baseball this year. so don’t know what im going to do with all my time.

o yeah and i almost forgot i love going to music on the river here in the summers and sitting on a lawn chair and listening, which will probably also be cancelled. i wish i had more friends to go see a festival as well, but i think those days are behind us. that’s about it for me.

what are you going to do this summer? and here it’s basically summer by mid may, temps in the 80’s. it seems like we barely get any 65 to 70 degree days before it gets hot.

last summer, me and dad went to louisville and saw a louisville bats baseball game. they are a AAA baseball team affiliated with the cincinnati reds. it’s pretty good baseball but you can still tell it’s minor league. nice and laid back and good ticket packages. we also checked out the first capital of indiana, corydon which is an ok little city close to louisville. we visited the first statehouse and the historian talked about the state constitution and what not.

the summer before that, me and dad went up to michigan to get some fresh cherries and to check out lake michigan. michigan was nicer than i had anticipated, i had been there as a young kid, because i had an aunt who had a lakehouse near detroit, but i forgot the place being so young.

i also like the little getaways and trips we can take for a little 4 day road trip or something.

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I usually go to RI for a month during the summer to see my family, but I don’t know if we’ll be able to this year. I love to be by the ocean and around the lush greenery, my family is big on gardening so that’s always beautiful. And I love to see my longtime friends. I also really look forward to hearing my brother and niece jamming together. If it doesn’t happen this year, it’ll be alright. I just want my family healthy and safe. We always face time anyway.

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I love going to waterslides and rollercoasters in the summer.

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I think ESPN affiliate Fox 18 for those of us who don’t have cable t.v.

Is going to air old baseball games, in fact they’ve already started. Our t.v. doesn’t have a guide

So I’ll have to look it up online.

And if course the minors are playing if you like a local game.

What’s your fave team?

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Im just gonna tan and swim. 151515

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