Favorite song lyric(s)?

My favorite at the moment is, “Shake him for a day. Shake him 'til he breaks.” I also really like the song title You Think I Ain’t Worth a Dollar but I Feel Like a Millionaire. “Hate! Hate the ones who bring you down!”

“I’m looking at you through the glass, don’t know how much time has passed. O God it feels like forever but no one ever tells you that forever feels like home , sitting all alone inside your head.” That’s the song that’s been running through my head these last few days…

O and “look at me I’m a kitty cat, I wear a bowl of peanuts for a hat, if I eat the bowl I will get fat… Blah blah blah I’m a kitty cat!”


I got walk with me, walk with me, dont let this fuking world tear you apart! Stuck in my head also corey taylor…

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Pink Floyd off of “Animals”

“And it’s too late to lose the weight you used to need to throw around”.

This always makes me think of the bully who made my life miserable in high school who outweighed me by 80 lbs. and was two inches taller.

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I love Pink Floyd! Although ‘The Wall’ has many triggers for me, I still listen to it every once in while.

“She laughs and lullabies, to help him close his eyes.” - Shiner


I’m not a hero, or a villain,
Not a god, I’m just a man,
Staring through the hourglass,
At the footprints in the sand,
I’m stripping off my armor,
My battles here are done,
Wave my white flag to surrender and fly into the sun.

Hellyea moth good song

I see you standing there,
You think you’re so cool,
Why don’t you just
Fock off!



My sense of humanity,
Has gone down the drain.
Behind every beautiful thing,
There’s been some kind of pain.

I’ve been on the bottom,
Of a world full of lies.
I ain’t looking for nothing,
Behind anyone’s eyes.

I just don’t see why,
I should even care.
It’s not dark yet,
But it’s getting there.


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“Sweetest of All” by Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show

Out of all the nights I remember
Of all of the loves I recall
There are many who live in my memory
But you were the sweetest of all

Wasn’t it sweetest of all, babe
Wasn’t it sweetest of all
I wasn’t your first love, I wasn’t the last
But wasn’t it sweetest of all

Sometimes I still think about you
Sometimes I wish that you’d call
And sometimes I feel like you’re lying here with me
And it’s still sweetest of all

So keep your goodbyes in your pocket
You ain’t going nowhere at all
Your memory is staying here with me
Cause you were the sweetest of all

Wasn’t it sweetest of all, babe
Wasn’t it sweetest of all
Of all of the lovers you let lie beside you
Weren’t we sweetest of all