Favorite Science?

Which is your favorite? For me it’s physics followed by biology (more specifically neuroscience) what about you guys?

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology

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I like biology over chemistry and physics. The natural world which we came out of is incredibly interesting on so many levels. Still continues to amaze me this whole environment of the earth and I’ve a soft spot for so many animals.


That’s why I love neuroscience! I just like physics more because it is the science of how the universe on the fundamental level.


I chose physics cause I like the way physicists think and view things. A lot of math, and I liked math in school. Took physics too, but by that time I was pretty sick already.


Yeah those fundamentals turn into real life application and technology in crazy ways. It’s cheesy but I learned that from reading Neil Degrasse Tyson.

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How the universe works on the fundamental level*

(Sorry for the typo)

Chemistry first because cooking. Biology next.

Biology the most, but I actually like Astrophysics a lot too.

i love chemistry since i was studying at high school and love pharmacology also i am interested in neuroscience just to study and know more about my disease (schizophrenia)

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I love neuroscience just to know how our existence works lol but research into schizophrenia fascinated me too

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Physics, cause it’s the most mathematically oriented.

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Definitely Meteorology.

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