Favorite place to eat

One of my favorite places to eat is insomnia cookies. It’s on campus of a university in my city. They keep the cookies in the oven at low heat so when you buy a cookie it is warm and right out of the oven My favorite thing to get there is called a bigwich. A bigwich has icing in between two cookies, and I get extra icing. It’s really good! It’s open until 3 am, cool!


I love ramen so literally anywhere that has good ramen.

Just about any restaurant in New Orleans. Food was always incredible there and miss it horribly.

Not so many cool places in Australia but for those in the know Cafe 63 isn’t bad food!

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Bill Miller’s in Texas or Cracker Barrel. Love 'em both!

Does anybody have an insomnia cookies store in your city?

I’ve never heard of insomnia cookies I don’t think we have them here.

Insomnia cookies also deliver too.


I’m going to google insomnia cookies and see what city it started in.

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Insomnia cookies started in Philladephia(spelling) in 2003 and they have 121 stores around the country.

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Impressive they sound tasty

I love a good Italian restaurant

Italian is my favorite kind of food!

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The kitchen, sometimes my room.


That was funny!..

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I’m also hooked on Chick-fila for the time being. I get nuggets, fries, and chick-fila sauce. I love the sauce.

Home is the best place for me :blush: that way I can cook my own food and I know exactly what is in there :slight_smile:


One of my favorite restaurants to eat at is Red Lobster—I love seafood, so. Sadly I don’t get to indulge in many trips there.

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Sushi!! Mmm especially unagi!!

I also love a good bubble tea, but I’m picky so I have to go to a good bubble tea place (I don’t like tapioca balls, I prefer mango or coconut or lychee jelly)

I’m also crazy for menchies and other frozen yogurt places. As long as I can go crazy with the toppings and nobody judges me.

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Sushi and boba tea :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh hell yeah i love sushi! My favorites are octopus and tuna though. I don’t think I’ve ever had unagi though?

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