Favorite Obama appearances in culture

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The real man himself:

That is so last season.
Trump is trendy now.

Ah ■■■■ that.

Barry is a hero.

Trump is a turd.

That guy is not presidency worthy. ■■■■ his money. He’s a clown.


Being half Mexican… Trump scares me a lot… but at least we can see from the get go who he hates…

Trump doesn’t hate Mexicans, in fact, I’m pretty sure he likes them a lot:) He just wants people to enter the U.S. legally, ya know.

Look at you. …

Glad she can’t vote lol
Trumps still a clown.

Conservatives? Really? We’re running out of time.

Just look at his face. That dude is so pissed off all the time.
Even g dub had a humor to him. Although he really ■■■■■■ this place up.

Dude ■■■■ Merica. If that guys wins. I’m moving.

@canadians here you all want to give me temporary house? You all live near a jimmy johns(for work)?

Im moving to Costa Rica…sarad can come with me if she wants. But I have a feeling she wants merica

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my parents said theyre moving to costa rica if hilary wins, and my sister says shes moving to costa rica if trump wins

so either way im OUTTY

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How about he I found sz island this website is not obviously headed towards(subliminal message)

Then we could be jesuses!

We could be Buddhas

You don’t really think that i like Trump don’t you?
He is currently the funniest thing you guys have. Probably the scariest one too.
His ex wife was Croatian :blush: We are everywhere.

@turningthepage honey i would go anywhere with you. Too bad you are so young :slight_smile:

Let’s let humor run the world then.

Hail touppe! :wine_glass:

Or toupee? :imp:
H ey guy has even memes named by his hair.

i’ll always be young

its a gift and a curse

Good for you kiddo.
Hail toupee! ( just looove how it sounds :joy:)

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