Favorite holiday

My favorite holiday is also Halloween!!! I don’t like horror movies, though. They disturb me too much and wreak havoc on my mental health.

I like cutesy Halloween stuff!!!




I love cute ghosts, cute pumpkins, cute black kitties, cute everything, but in a spooky cutesy way! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Christmas or Thanksgiving for me. I love the food, weather, fellowship with family, buying gifts for people, etc.


My daughter was born on Halloween. I always liked New Year’s Eve.

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@Brendalyn my husband will have been working at his job for 5 years on Halloween this year

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The only holiday I celebrate is Christmas with family

Luckily there are splits in the family all over the place, so it’s usually just a few close people

Never celebrated New Years or Easter

Halloween is not so much of a thing in my apartment blocks

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@Joker it’s nice that you have plans for Christmas… Some people don’t

I like Christmas. I like the lights and sparkly glass ornaments. I like the carols and holly. My daughter’s name is Holly. She was born one week before Christmas. I love seeing all the presents wrapped in all the brightly colored paper with ribbons and bows. I love watching people open presents. I love the food and pies and cookies. I love having the whole family together.

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Halloween love the horror movies and weather… Christmas sucks a55

@Makaveli why does Christmas suck?

Cause I am always alone on xmas