Fatigue takes over

Just an update… stopped modafinil and coffee. Now I’m stuck in bed, no energy to do anything


Hey havnt seen you for awhile.

Im sorry you are stuck in bed, hope you will do better soon :slight_smile:

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Gonna be a tough week - hope next week you’re better than ever.

Try drinking apple cider vinegar with warm water. I used to be just like you until I started drinking this remedy. It has helped a lot. If you do buy you have to buy the raw, organic, unfiltered, unpasteurized, containing “mother” one because it has all the good nutrients in it. I drink it twice a day first thing when I wake up and right before I’m about to go to sleep and it has helped tremendously to where I’m going to the gym and can work out for 45 minutes.

Before this even doing small things exhausted me and I would have to rest a a lot. You can also look up the benefits of apple cider vinegar for more information. Good luck and hang in there!!!

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