Fatigue on the body

I think not experiencing over fatigue is the greatest components of feeling well in recovery. we all do things physically and mentally that fatigue us specially if done consistently overtime the damage of fatigue sets in. if you allow yourself to rest and recuperate the body’s natural energy you sleep well at night and you wake up refreshed. As long as you’re on your healthy routine and eating well and exercising. you will feel your best. however when your body is your thoughts are all so fatigued and you feel terrible and you just need some good rest and repair.


its really hard to fully relax, i dont honestly think that i fully relax when sleeping either,

i wake up tense and then i am tense throughout the day and then go to sleep tense, idk if it is fatigue i just know that i have learned to live with this and it although it has gotten a little better i am still having really big issues with it.

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