Fatigue: do you suffer from it?

I have always been a super fatigued person–like I think I was born fatigued–but somewhere along the line it has gotten better. I think I may have had chronic fatigue syndrome. Anyone else feel fatigued a lot? I know meds have always made it worse until Vraylar and possibly Invega. Is it you or the meds that make you feel so bad do you think? I really think the Vraylar is helping. So there is hope it can be better. Anyone else had success with combating fatigue? With meds?


I’m fat and out of shape, but haldol leaves me out of breath all the time. It gets worse every time I increase my dose.

Hi hope how old are u … i am 31 i feel tried due to medication…

Just turned 36.

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U are still a young…just 36 a lot of life left to live… take care my good friend …we will be better soon


Yes I do feel fatigued a lot but recently I had a period of fatigue where I simply couldn’t stay out of the bed. I just was so exhausted I could barely function. I told my pdoc about it and she switched my new ad to night and viola the worst of it went away. It’s a good thought for those who suffer from fatigue from their aps, maybe something as simple as switching when they take it can help.

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I’m always fatigued but I blame my nightmares from ptsd and my anxiety/paranoia. The depression and negative symptoms dont really help much either though. Tbh I’m amazed I can even get out of bed when I do.

No, I wish I did. Maybe I’d get more sleep than I do.

no because I rarely do any physical activities

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No, I wouldn’t call it fatigue. If I don’t get enough hours of sleep, I suffer exhaustion. That’s the right word. Otherwise, I don’t suffer any tiredness or fatigue.

Yes, the haldol makes me tired and lazy. I sleep at minimum 12 hours a day. I do try to be active, and do a lot, but often when I come home I don’t have any energy left to cook or eat or clean. I find it somewhat challenging to accept my new energy level and adjust my activities to it, so that there is energy left for the basic self-care.

I forgot my dose the day before yesterday and yesterday I was all joyful, active, creative and planning all sorts of new activities. It’s frustrating, but not much I can do about it.

If I don’t get 10 hours of sleep a night, I feel exhausted the next day. I take risperdal and ativan. At this point, I think the ativan is more of a maintenance dose than something I really need for anxiety, but I’ve got too much going on mentally to try to come off of it right now.

Getting hooked on benzos is one of the worst things I ever did. I bet if I ever manage to quit the ativan, I’ll go back to sleeping 6-8 hours a night.

I have low willpower. … thanks to sz and medicine. … !!!