Father and step mum are in England and already they are making me anxious

Father and step mum are in England and already they are making me anxious. Step daughter wanted to know what day they are coming so she can arrange time off work to collect them from the station . Will they commit to a day -no! Step mum wants to know first what theatre stuff is on, in London I presume where they’re staying . Stepdaughter was planning for us to have lunch in the local Italian. They’re talking about going somewhere nearly 7 miles away in Chippenham which of course will have to be fairly upmarket. My stepdaughter will have to drive us there. As it is each time they come over from the States my brother and I are slotted intoa schedule that suits them.


That’s frustrating, @firemonkey, that they don’t consider you at all. Have you tried taking control and telling them where you’re all going to meet/eat?
Otherwise, I guess I’d advise enjoying them as much as you can, if you do like/love them(?). It sounds like you won’t be spending a lot of time with them, so try to enjoy just being with them.
I hope you end up genuinely having a good time.

I find it hard taking control. My father has always been a very dominant person. I will do my best to enjoy seeing them , but just wish they’d be a little more considerate. It will probably only be for 6 hours or so anyway.


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