Fat people are still people

I’m just thinking of my obese past. My mother was a Stoic and I don’t think she ever understood my over indulgence as a need for pleasure. That being said, being overweight was a burden and I’m very glad it is no longer an issue. But, having been harshly criticized during my fat years did not help and I’m working to be understanding when I see one of my friends putting on the pounds.


I understand, my parents and brother are all skinny. I have been struggling with my weight since middle school. I hate being over weight and try to watch what I eat. My brother once told me I look like I’m about to have a heart attack.

I’ve never had a weight problem except on a couple of different meds but it never got really bad. But then again my body carries weight well. The real problem I had was that when it got to sweets I lost all self control.

Yes they are…

I was really skinny, then Olanzapine happened.

Of course they are , but , in my country , everyone over 40 seems to be overweight. It really is an epedemic.

What country do you live in, Meteor? Some cultures think being overweight is a sign of success.

:slight_smile: I try to keep as anonymous as I can. But I’m in a western country. Sounds paranoid . its just easy for my online persona , its a red line. No exceptions and all that.

Here everyone bicycles. So that helps keep the weight down. I still managed to gain a bit of weight, mainly due to meds, but my metabolism has never been great at keeping the weight off. I’ve always had to watch what I eat.