Fat binder pills

Anyone had any luck with these and losing weight? Someone, on another forum, has suggested these as an option.

I’ve heard horror stories about diet pills. Like people dying etc. Not worth the risk in my opinion.

Get your doctor to hook you up with a dietician.

Calorie controlled diet is the only and safest way to lose weight. It’s not easy unfortunately, otherwise there’d be no overweight people.

I wish I could believe that. Yesterday morning 233.0 this morning 236.8. The days of having got down to 230.8 are long past.
I had a noodle box from a Chinese/Japanese place via Just eat last night so maybe that explains the overnight increase this time.
However generally I am not overeating and weight is stubbornly staying between 233-235.
I am coming to the conclusion that virtual starvation would probably make little difference. I think quite a lot has to do with being on a depot antipsychotic. APs are notorious for piling on the lbs/difficulty losing weight.
I am not sure how my psych team would react if I said “Sod the depot”. I am not an immediate danger to myself or others but when I had a spell of being late for the injections they first time chased me up by phone and second time came round to my flat to give me the jab. That time I got a mini lecture on the importance of keeping to the schedule.

Maybe you could switch your depot to a typical rather than respiridal or maybe switch to abilify depot. Respiridal is a weight gainer for most people, it did with me and i was only on 1mg a day.

Get your doctor to hook you up with a dietician if you can, they’ll show you the ropes of calorie counting.

But it might be a tough job if your AP is causing weight gain to boot.

It depends on how serious you are about losing weight whether or not you want to get help.