Fasting works for weight loss - on clozapine!

My weight has been stable on eating 2 meals a day since months. I fast in afternoon. I’m not gaining weight nor im losing any. I eat cheese slice middle of the night though.

If i gotta lose more weight, I would have to eat just 1 meal a day.

By fasting I mean no fruits, no meal, no coffee/tea, just water.

I used to only eat breakfast, like a Big breakfast

then just coffee and pop the rest of the day.

I believed in that diet.


That’s a good diet when weed is involved.

I kept that up for about 5 - 6 years.

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you got to be careful fasting. fasting wrecked my metabolism, I did one meal a day for a year and now I have a hard time getting hungry 3 times a day. but dr. berg the youtube doctor recommends eating twice a day so you don’t spike insulin as much. I could probably live by that advice fine, but im trying to put on muscle so I need my calories for the day.

just make sure you are getting enough calories and not depriving yourself.