Fasting for no reason

Went for what was supposed to be a fasting blood test at 10.45 with only water to drink from 10.00 the night before. The person who gave me the form had ticked fasting in the general part of the form but had not ticked the fasting boxes below it where it says cholesterol/lipids/glucose .
The fasting part wasn’t that important but having to only drink water and not eat anything for no reason was a pain.

I have to take blood tests regularly as well for an experimental drug i’m testing. I will have to fast as well if they’re going to take blood, don’t like the weak feeling of not having eaten anything in the morning. I especially miss my morning cups of coffee as well…

I haven’t had my bloods done for about a year. Will have to make an appointment. What blood tests are appropriate for someone on an AP?

I rely on the nurse or doctor to tick the appropriate boxes on the blood test form. I think cholesterol/lipid levels and glucose are quite important and are often ticked.

I get my blood works done two times per year…
Blood Glucose
Kidney Function

I test my blood glucose daily with a finger prick and strip into the apparatus.