Fashion sense

I have a very limited variety in clothes with most variety being in my underwear. I have 5 pairs of black or dark blue elasticated waistband trousers all ordered online from the same firm. I wear a small set of t shirts in terms of colour ie dark/light blue and purple.

I used to wear a greater variety when my wife was alive and well as she chose my clothes. If truth be told I have little to no clothes/fashion sense.


I’m the same way, My clothes are all work clothes, I keep one nice Hoodie, jeans and a shirt, all black undies. I never go anywhere, so not wasting money on good clothes.

I went to court on a traffic ticket years ago, the judge kept looking up and down at how I was dressed, I was dressed to go right to work after court, I was just waiting for her to say something and I would have went off on her, but she never said anything. Having worked for the courts, I knew what she was thinking and it’s a pet peeve of mine. I have to work to make a living, she has to dress for her job and so do I. expect nothing different.


I pretty much just wear tshirts and either shorts or loose pants every day. I hate tight clothing and the feeling of a lot of different fabrics so I always dress comfortably. It drives my mom crazy that I don’t care about fashion at all. I’m also not very sensitive to the cold so I tend to dress “inappropriately” for it (ie shorts or tank top or whatever) Makes people lose their minds for some reason.


I wear basically Short sleeve T shirts and blue jeans.

I will sometimes wear a thermal long sleeve underwear shirt under my T shirt during the times it gets cold.

Nothing fancy for me.

I hate to get dressed up fancy!

I also like to wear baseball style caps and I like to wear this one black hoodie that’s my favorite.


my wife always wears my hoodies. not just the hoodies i don’t like. she wears the good ones too. and i’m like what the heck woman!! i don’t even get to wear my own clothes cos you are always wearing them.

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Yeah I have no fashion sense whatsoever. I’ll usually wear sweatpants or loose jeans, and some sort of t-shirt and a black fleece sweater or something.
I really don’t care about fashion at all, it just seems so pointless to me to get dressed up all fancy to go do everyday things. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I only wear black…

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T shirt and jeans. Converse shoes…sometimes a black thermal long sleeved under my shirt. I hate wearing jackets btw

None of my clothes fit me anymore now that I gaing 35lbs. My wardrobe exists, I just can’t fot into the majority of it.