Fascination with native American Indians

When I was a little child in the 1970s in Finland, I collected cards of native American Indians that I placed in a card book. I still have this with me. I have always been fascinated with native American Indians. When I lived in America in the 1990s I visited many native American Indian reservations such as Cherokee, Najavo, Puablo and few others. Somehow their culture has always fascinated me. I had a heart attack condition in Taos, NM in Sept 1999 after I had told my former US woman that she can divorce me and that was the area of Puablo Indians. My mind was reorganized somehow. During that trip I learned how badly Navajos and Apaches were treated after they had surrendered to the American military at the time. Basically they were put in the position of eating grass for their survival. How sad. Already then alcohol was used as a weapon to counter these people. It has been told that the greatgrandfather of George W. Bush Jr had stolen with their Skull and Bones society the skull of the great Indian warrior Geromino, Apache. What about you?

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Yeah, we came into their native land and slaughtered them mercilessly. It was a shameful chapter in American history.


Older Than America is 2008 American suspense drama film directed by Georgina Lightning and starring Adam Beach, Wes Studi, Georgina Lightning and Bradley Cooper. The film explores and highlights the impact of the “culture-killing” effects of the typical Native American experience in boarding schools in the 1900s and other inter-social relationships between the Native American people and the dominant European based American culture.

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If you’re Indian and get offered a blanket, better turn it down.


When I lived in my auto in America over 780 days I met once one Cherokee Indian in Key West. He had fought in Vietnam during the Vietnam war and had been in those tunnels of Viet Gong. He had received all kinds of medals but then he had lost his faith and thrown all his medals away. He was proud of his teeth that were very good although he was already an older man. He even offered me some of his food, but I had my own food. There he was living on the beach near the house of Hemingway who, Hemingway, killed himself because he had depression. How sad.

I had a book about all the different native American tribes. i liked it but dont know what happened to it… im part Cherokee

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