Farm life: you gotta love it

Milked the cows today. Ol’ 'Betsty was in an ornery mood, she wouldn’t keep still… Slopped the pigs. Collected the morning eggs. Typical morning.
No, wait, I just remembered something… I’m actually living downtown in a sucky city with gang members, homeless people and college kids. Sorry, I always get mixed up after I have a bunch of caffeine.


About 10 years too late, they want to put the homeless into housing units, lumping, instead of integration,

and once they have them there, address underlying problems, but more will happen than singular,
like drugs, violence, domestic violence, and sexual exploit.

If you’ve got a family in a shelter, would you live there?

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You jest, but that was life for my granddaddy!

Ah yes, life on the farm.

Farmer Refuted from Hamilton, because I had to:

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Farm life is pretty tough I think. Nice places to visit, but I’m not sure I’d like to work on one.


Yeah I’ve worked on two farms and it wasn’t fun, either one!

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Lived and worked on a farm for ten years. Wanna know what I learned? I like sidewalks. I hate cows (truly stupid creatures) and having to be up to your shoulder in the arse end of any animal giving birth sucks.

Hey, who you callin stupid? Moooooo!


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Any creature that urinates on its tail while sleeping in winter when it is so cold that said tail freezes and snaps off is so stupid it deserves to be eaten. With gravy.

@velociraptor Hah! I am Holstein, and I came up with the famous bovine equation E = Moo x c^2


My grandfather retired from his job teaching to raise cattle on his farm. He owned some land here and there. My grandfather got up at 5:00 every morning to feed his cattle. He had a barn full of cats that he fed too. He always knew where the best wild plums and blackberries grew. He once told my grandmother that when he died he hoped heaven would be just like his farm. Every Christmas and every July 4th we would get together with our cousins from my mom’s side of the family on my grandfather’s farm. It was pure happiness. I sometimes regret that those days are gone for good.


Nice post crimby.

Actually, if you want to get technical Holsteins wife deserves half-the credit for coming up with E=Moo x c^2.


I always fake my orgasms.

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Real? I fake organisms.

that’s not good. if you’re not enjoying things, then you probably should disengage before things get forceful. :frowning:

forced intimacy is not cool, the bible even compares it to taking a life. :disappointed_relieved:

“But unto the damsel thou shalt do nothing; there is in the damsel no sin worthy of death: for as when a man riseth against his neighbour, and slayeth him, even so is this matter:”

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Farms would be easy with greater efficiency and a healthy average of human beings, but i guess that is with everything here though.

Farming though is shitty when there are billions to feed combined with retarded economic systems.

Spent time on a farm, hauling grain, picking stones lots of other odds and ends, it’s a lot of work, the guy I knew that owned it lost his foot when he backed up the grain auger and hit the electric lines, totally fried him, he is lucky to be alive. I did the same job for him and never noticed those lines, you work right through the night when hauling the grain.

A lot of the people I knew back then have died off over the last year or so, sad really,


i live n al, i think theres more cows than ppl here. u see the same 15 ppl everytime u leave the house. everybody knows everybody elses business cuz theres nothin else to do but gossip. for fun we ride around on backroads and look at the cows. yay small town livin!

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Are you saying you rather live elsewhere and preferably on country side?

I always wanted to live on farm and have my own farm or hobby farm.

I still want that.

I am happy I have been visiting farm every week where i agist a paddock for my horse who was given to me.
I met some people who said “do you want a horse” I said yes.
They said take her or we will take her to doggers.
So I took her and she was really skinny and sick and dying but she got to se vert after few days or a week although she should of seen one immediately.
The vet gave her some injestions etc and feeding instructions and it did take time before i could even exercise/lunge her but eventually i was even riding her and then i was riding her all by myself which is one of best things to ever happen to me cause i rather it be just her and i riding.

How im living now is really nice and only a 1/2 hour drive to countryside/farm but i might possibly be moving and im not sure what its like there but i think it could be country.

How im living now is best ive had.
I live alone so i get my space and can isolate when i want and feel i need too and its beautiful nature and weather.

I have worked on farms too.
It is hard physical work with early mornings but it can be a happy life and they eat heaps and good food and often take afternoon naps and they usually take overseas holidays couple times a year.