Far_cry's Throne in the clouds. ☁


France is in another gear now. Wow.


Who do you think England/Croatia would like to face in the final?


I’d have to think about it. Not really sure. I’m pretty clueless about soccer.


No way man - you know lots about football!

Before this match I was thinking they would want to meet France in the final but I think France are playing really well.


France is sneaky good. Belgium has that fierce counter. If you have slow defenders I doubt you’d want to face Mbappe.


Go Belgium! 151515151


Just had a shower. I always feel better after a shower. I wish I could remind myself, when I need a shower, how good I feel after. But the lack of motivation is stronger than the expected pleasure. If that makes sense?


That’s a foul!!!


Makes sense bro.


Come on France!


Oh lukaku should have hit the target


So many chances so little time…


I feel like there’s no science to the stoppage times. Do they measure or just guess??


It’s measured, but not to within an exact second…


France is being lame!!!


France is good I think they win it all. Those steroids really pay off :wink:


France have to be favourites for the cup now


I sure do love this sport


Damn. We lost 151515


Guys i am heading towards the party…!!!