Far_cry0’s never-ending dance party πŸ’ƒ


I have a beard again. I think this time I’ll try and take care of it instead of letting it grow wild or just shaving it off.


Oh my beard grows slow. My head hair grows real fast. I just use clippers - same length all over - head and beard. I have a head like a kiwi fruit.


I respect guys that have epic beards. Is a real achievement. I recommend getting a beard brush/comb.


Yeah I do the same thing with clippers.

@coldcomfort keeping up with a finely tuned beard is tough.


I was so anxious earlier that I couldn’t face coffee. Ended up getting a coffee withdrawal headache. Just shows you how dependent your body gets on caffeine.


I have a mate who is a doctor. For a while he worked in a drug testing facility. Where new meds in development were administered to healthy paid volunteers to just test their safety.

The doctors would check loads of stuff like heart rate and blood pressure before and after meds. Apparently when doing this you had to make sure if the patient normally drunk coffee in the mornings, they had to also have coffee when taking the med.

This was because apparently stuff like heart rate and blood pressure can change if you are withdrawing from coffee.


Come to my dad’s farm and work with us. You’ll get a good workout. Today we started building a pig :pig: pin


? What is a league title? I know nothing about American football :football:


@Loke have you ever seen the tv show Mountain Monsters? It is filmed in the Appalachian mountains. They say holler (spelling?) all the time. I have heard you say that too.

Do you have any of that fruit, paw paws I think it’s called, growing near you? They are always trying to catch Bigfoot with them in the show!


No. I haven’t seen that show. There’s a paw paw tree outside my house tho it doesn’t have any fruit on it. And yes you spelled holler right


I was talking about English soccer. For every win in the league you get 3 points. For every tie you get 1 point. For a lose you get 0 points. The team with most points in the league is the winner.


@TheBest I signed up for internet tv coverage of the sports channels. It is pay monthly and contract free - so I can stop at any time. Have the Man U game on. You a thing it?


Oh. Ok. Thanks.


Yeah I have the Man U game on. My cable is combined with my internet and it’s supposed to rise quite a bit in a couple of months. Might be looking for a new way to watch sports.


Have heard cable contracts in the us are pretty brutal. Like 24 months or something. That’s how they trap you.

What I always do when a contract increases in price is phone them and threaten to leave. Most places will reduce their price to keep you.


Goal! Missed it typing on here.


Yeah I might do that thanks.


It was a penalty. Handball.


I stream my tv thru the internet. I have a Roku box


I have roku and tried sling tv. It wouldn’t work for me it was weird.