Far_cry0โ€™s never-ending dance party ๐Ÿ’ƒ


Did u see baker mayfield last night


I hard about him. He did pretty well.


DInner was goodโ€ฆ are u watching soccer todayโ€ฆ??


It starts in a little over 2 hours. It should be good.


Good enjoy broskyโ€ฆ!!!


@Coldcomfort did the Patriots win last night?


Yeah, they won 17 26. Without brady but they leaned heavily on everybody but the qb. They came back after second quarter โ€˜adjustmentsโ€™ (hehe) as per tradition.


Iโ€™m really excited to see the Broncos new QB. If he works out it will be huge. I did see the Belichick halftime interview. It was pretty funny. He said they played 30 seconds of good football in the first half or something like that.


Heโ€™s funny. You should listen to some of the impressionists on the radio, theyโ€™re good at making fun of him.

Everybody hates his success but he just soaks in their jeers. Theyโ€™re all jealous.


Which teams are playing todayโ€ฆ!!


Manchester United and Leceister City


I used to have man united jersyโ€ฆ when i was a kidโ€ฆ!! Hope to see good teams winโ€ฆ!!


Manchester United does one heck of a job in global marketing.


But they never seem to win โ€ฆ!!! I dont know who will winโ€ฆ !!!


Manchester United has the most league titles out of anyone in the Premier League.


Far India are 84 for 7! Ha! @far_cry0


So I shaved my beard. Easy come, easy go. Just have designer stubble now.


haha I shaved my beard too


Weird! We are beard brothers!


I shave my beard and head every couple of weeks. My beard grows so fast.