Far_cry0โ€™s never-ending dance party ๐Ÿ’ƒ


I could throw down in my day


Ninjastar picked the name this time. Good job @ninjastar


@far_cry0 whatโ€™s up brosky?


GM the party started without me :rofl:


Did you feed your dogs @Freedom-of-speech?


Itโ€™s fine u can be fashionably late haha


Yup and meds :upside_down_face:. Ty for asking


Aww, ty๐Ÿ˜‡. Oh my I am trying to motivate myself but feel like a slug atm


Hey @far_cry0 โ€ฆ Himalaya pe gaye ho kya?


And bow out gracefully in a few


@rahul202 nahi yaarโ€ฆ!!! Mein akdam darta hunโ€ฆ???

Tumko trekking acha lagta hai kyaโ€ฆ!!!


Hi brosky i just fried potato chipsโ€ฆ!!! I will be having chapati for dinnerโ€ฆ!!!


Fried potato chips sounds amazing. Was the goat good yesterday?


Yes it was .!!! But was finished today morningโ€ฆ my dad is a vegan and mom doesnt eat it till one yearโ€ฆ!!! But i like fish and meatโ€ฆ!!! Do u have frozen fish thereโ€ฆ!!! Fish have good omega 3โ€ฆ!!!


Thereโ€™s lots of fish in the grocery store. Sometimes I eat it when I go to my parents house.


@jeroenp was upโ€ฆ??? Hows the antibiotics treating uโ€ฆ ??? Any updateโ€ฆ??


Mujhe trekking nahi aati par ghar ke pas ek hill tha vo chadha tha meine ek baar


@rahul202 have u started working โ€ฆ???


No bro not yet 15151515


@far_cry0 how was dinner?