Fantasy world helps, what u think?

I find super hero comics and painting fantasy modles helps. Takes me away from this world and I feel free and happy for a while.

What do u find helps u? Let me no if u agree with me?

Your friend cybil25 x

I used to be in a fantasy world and it helped. I was sort of miserable but at the same time in a state of blisss. Then came a time I wanted to get out of it and be normal. But ■■■■ will never be normal again.

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I think it’s great that you have a passion for something :blush:

I used to like to draw and music. Now I think I would need to be incarsirated to draw again. I’m too blahhhh, it even has destroyed music for me. The BLAH

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My future is becoming my fantasy. Thoughts of who i will be and what I’ll be doing. Dreams of this psychosis going away and having a normal life experience. Fallout 4 is releasing in a few months (You bet I’m going to cash in on a lot of escapism there).

Comic books never did much for me. To fantastic, unreal. Hard sci fi was awesome for a while. Then you kind of get exposed to all the ideas in that and it gets dry.

If you don’t like how the world looks, change up your perspective.

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I used to feel like fantasy was cool, Lord of the Rings that kind of thing. I do feel free when I paint. working on something cool in art class right now…

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I love batman. And I really want to get into my obsessions, but the voices just wont allow me to express myself. If I do one thing “wrong” i’m screwed. they blame everything on me. You go right on ahead with the things you like. That is cool.

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When I was a child, the fantasy world did help. I was often overhearing my mother and her husband argue day & night over petty things. They’d be yelling constantly and it’d freak everyone out.

During those times, I became considerably attached to a video game called Final Fantasy 8. I used to play a ton of video games, but nowadays I can’t do that anymore. I will sometimes watch, but even then I feel like it is just to waste time.

I’d rather be resting & listening to the breeze, crickets, watching trees move via the wind, cloud or lake gazing, etc… I’d rather be fine-tuned to love nature rather than the products of man. I’m still adjusting to that new paradigm of thinking & feeling, but I am slowly starting to realize I’m going to have to balance both to get the best of this world.

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Sounds peaceful.


I like science fiction. Its exciting to think about how the world will change with technology. Heres hoping hover cars and robot housemaids exist in my lifetime. I also get lost in sport. Modern day gladiators!! I love sport :slight_smile:

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Rod Serling, Gene Rodenberry, Stan Lee/Jack Kirby, David Lynch, They Might Be Giants & Talking heads did a lot to flatter and make interesting what used to only be horrific.

Monsters don’t have to be terrifying and ineffable - they might just be people from other planets.
Charles Xavier taught students how to put their mental illness to use saving the world.
Serling, Ellison and Levin pointed out the absurd charm
Lynch captures the beauty of the nightmarish and sympathy for the Devil.

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Nah I prefer to be badass in real life and in my free time watch shows and read books about people like me.

I love the fact we can all share I idea about how we think and feel.

I don’t feel so alone now,

Any one else agree???


I call fantasy a spin-off of desire. I’m trying to avoid fantasizing because it puts me in an unreal and unrealistic place when I could be dealing with reality better. We’re not going to get what we want by fantasizing. Leave fantasy to dreaming at night. Sometimes reality is too painful and we turn to fantasizing.