Fantasy life

Does anyone else have a fantasy life?

I used to, but now i try to keep as much a distance from fantasy and make more of reality because that was the onset of it all


Yeah, likewise… My fantasies are pretty damn close to my psychosis… I tend to keep a distance. I like daydreaming about possible futures though :smile:

I would say my memories of past lives count as fantasies. If this is true, I have an incredible imagination.

Whats your fantasy life kellie?

Heck yeah!


Sort of. I like to pretend I get days off to pursue my hobbies on. Then reality sets in.


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I try not to anymore. The fantasy life became nightmare life… and then I ended up in hospital.

Trying for reality life.

I spent a long time living in my fantasy life, because I hated my actual life and needed an escape. Now that my real life is pretty good I don’t spend much time in the dream world.

Want to say I’m firmly planted in “Reality” but that pic of Final Fantasy is too tempting to really say I’m planted

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A warlock that lives outdoors and wonders aimlessly about the Planet. On that Planet, though, food is in great abundance - no need for agricultural teching or farming.

I’m in love with the outdoors, though, too beautiful to say the least. I also think God is recrafting me to be something in God’s eyes, not my own.

I do a lot of fantasy. I have a rich fantasy life.


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