Fantasy beats real life any day

Salty because you’re on the other end of the debate in another thread, yet ironically you tracking my posts down to abuse my opinions will not be looked down upon because you keep it nice and simple just like your mind :slight_smile:

You’re suppose to be someone with multiple views and rare insights and a scientist yet you ignore all my points and instead focus on my punctuation on an online forum when i place very little value in it. You show all the signs of a troll and an utter ■■■■■■■ moron tbh.

I assure you I’m not tracking you down.
You are entitled to your opinion, but you’re not entitled to disrespect those who have different opinions.

You’re acting like a troll even if you don’t want to be one. I’ve been in your shoes so I can relate.

My mind is nice because I take care of it, like a flower. I like to keep it clean and nice. Don’t think that’s offensive to anyone. Certainly only does me good.

Thank you, have a good day.