Fantasizing about going off meds

I would never do it. I am too scared of relapse (I’ve had 2) but I skipped my meds last night and I feel so normal. No restlessness, no teeth clenching, no sedation. I had a bout with insomnia where I wasn’t sleeping at all. I was tapering onto Latuda. I am already on Risperdal. Turns out latuda has horrible effects on me. I started tapering it down to get off of it but the insomnia wouldn’t budge. I finally got a hold of some ambien and out of sheer desperation I took it alone with no meds or anything last night. I wanted to give it a chance to work without interference. I just wanted to SLEEP. I got 4-5 hrs of sleep last night and I feel normal today. I can tell a difference just being off meds for one day. I plan on taking my Risperdal and Trileptal tonight along with the Ambien but I find myself fantasizing about how nice it would be to go off drugs and feel ‘normal’. Like I said, I won’t do it, but it is definitely a fantasy.

Try going 3-4 days without meds and you’ll change your mind…actually scratch that, don’t try that. It’s dangerous.

Last april I cut my abilify dose in half and became deeply psychotic within 3 days. I will never go off meds completely again. I heard as you get older you can go down on dose, but I’m still young.

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I imagine being off meds all the time. I can actually go five months or so off meds before i go crazy. I also imagine that im cured sometimes. I hate being so fat in the gay community. 10 lbs overweight is too fat in my community it sucks. Then heres me 250 lbs.Then again i cant stop sucking sodas down so no wonder i keep gaining weight i have no control over my hunger its like torture

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I wish for no meds too

I fantasise about iti-007. It’s supposed to be side effect free and as effective as respiridal. I’m on abilify 10mg now.

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I feel like the Elephant man when he fantasized about being able to sleep normally. He tried it and , consequently, died. I wish I were normal and didn’t have to take meds or anything to help me sleep for that matter, Like to shut my eyes on command and be out for a solid 8. Wouldn’t it be nice…

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Medication is all that we have, so it is best to stay on it if it works for you. I’m on Risperdal. I have a hard time waking up, but it keeps my symptoms at bay.


@metime How much Risperdal do you take? I take 1mg night. I may go back to 2mg. Even though I fantasize about being off meds, I know I will likely have to take it the rest of my life.

I went off meds. I was so proud to at first.
Now I’m like … Ahhh give me meds!!!

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I’m on 3.5 milligrams of Risperdal. I started with 1 in 2013 and worked my way up. It helps a lot.

They had me on benzotropine. It was giving me headaches. I had a headache for like a week. So I just stopped taking it as I looked up and decided I didn’t need the drug. If latuda is that bad I would recommend just stopping. I went through a period of time where I didn’t sleep for 5 days which is much less than what you stated.

Man, if your meds are working with little side effects, don’t go off them! I would be still on mine even though I was sleeping almost 24/7 and gaining weight overboard. Stay on the meds- just remember what you were like before meds…

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It was helpful to me to read this thread!

I’ve got so many meds on hand, and a bunch of them are PRNs. I just want to stop taking care of myself! But like many said here, I consider the outcome.



I feel like I may be a bit “psychotic” right now, but honestly, it feels really good.
We are the ones chosen to dabble in between realms, and that’s not so bad, as lo g as we don’t feed the demons. ■■■■ demons. They ain’t got ■■■■ on us!

i want to get off meds too… i’m tired of this laziness and anhedonia… but then i have flashbacks about my anger and doing stupid things in public that i dont know if its worth it…

Going off my med’s can be nice for a while, but then I inevitably mess up. It never has worked for me.

I want to come off my meds.

i am without meds for 5 years.i have schizophrenia for 5 year and half.
in the beginning i take 2 weeks meds.then the voices back again.but i get conscious by myself.i live in a dream world.its difficult or to scared tk wake up

I took my Risperdal last night. Actually, I think my insomnia may be related to withdrawal after reading all the stuff online. I was taking Latuda and Risperdal and I was jumping out of my skin. I cut back on both and, eventually, quit the Latuda. I can’t sleep with the akathesia and I can’t sleep in withdrawal. Can’t win. I have had some serious breaks and, no, I don’t want to experience taking all my meds and cutting my wrist again so I will stay on meds. It would be sooo nice to go off them though. I don’t see my pdoc for a week and a half

You ought to get the right drugs with your pdoc and find the right dosage and the right times to take them. All this fooling around and manipulating you’re doing with your drugs can only lead to more sorrow.